Tried & Tested: L’Occitane Shea Butter Foot Cream

As I’ve mentioned before, I have very dry skin, and that includes my feet. It seems like my heels are constantly cracked, and the callouses, ugh. So, I had very high hopes for this shea butter foot cream from L’Occitane. It was highly rated on Sephora, and with the $28 price tag, I thought I had perhaps found my foot savior.

Unfortunately, that did not turn out to be the case.

First off, the lavender fragrance was overwhelming. I admit I have developed a sensitivity to fragrances as a whole, so perhaps others will not find the scent so disturbing. But it immediately gives me a headache every time I’ve used it.

Secondly, I just didn’t find it to be that effective. It’s not nearly as rich as I was expecting, and it has done nothing to help my heels or soften my callouses.

Last but not least, the packaging. The little octagon knob is actually kind of hard to turn, especially if you already have some product or lotion on your hands (which I always do). And , the metal tube makes squeezing out the lotion particularly difficult and unpleasant.

Overall, I was not at all happy with this product and certainly didn’t find it worth the money.

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