The Best Ridge Filler Ever: CND Shellac

Since I was a little girl, I’ve always had ridges in my nails. Although I’ve never found a definitive answer for what causes them in the first place, I have managed to hide them with the various ridge-filling base coats available—until recently, that is.

About six months ago, the ridges in my nails became so deep, it seemed like nothing would cover them. After trying every product on the market, I started using two coats of ridge filler, plus two polish coats and a top coat.  That did the trick, but then I ran into another problem—with so many coats, the polish seemed to never dry thoroughly. My nails were a mess with nicks and scratches, and the polish peeled off almost immediately.

Then one day, on a whim, I decided to try CND’s Shellac. A girlfriend of mine had been raving about it for months, and I’d been envious of how shiny and perfect her nails looked.

It was a miracle worker! My ridges were gone, completely camouflaged under this glossy, hard shell.  I was immediately hooked.

But, being self-employed with no steady paycheck, I knew this was one addiction I wouldn’t be able to financially maintain. So, I did some research, found a few online suppliers, and ordered everything I needed to do my Shellac manis at home. No, it wasn’t cheap. But in the long-run, I’ve saved a ton.

It takes a little practice to apply the polish in nice thin layers, but isn’t as difficult as I feared. And a bonus—because the polish doesn’t dry until you bake it under the UV light, you actually have much more time to fix mistakes than you do with regular polish.

I only get about 10 days worth of wear before the polish starts to peel (versus the 14 they advertise), but that’s still about twice what I get with regular polish. And about once every two months or so, I still go into the salon to have my nails done. It’s a nice little treat and they do my cuticles far better than I ever can.

Since that time, several gel polishes that don’t require a UV light have come on the market. I haven’t tried them yet, though I’m sure I will at some point.

But for now, I’m definitely a Shellac addict. If you have ridges like I do, it’s a lifesaver.


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