Brave Beauties: Adele

Adele Performs at the 2012 Grammy's

It was inarguably Adele’s evening at last night’s Grammy’s. What an amazing performance, and the beautiful singer never looked better. I found myself completely mesmerized by her.

Although I’ve heard a few of Adele’s songs over the last couple of years, I had never seen her perform. But between the 60 Minutes interview and her Grammy performance, I am now hooked.

Besides her undeniably soulful voice and retro-glam looks, what struck me most about her was simply her honesty. She seems to be authentically, unapologetically, who she really is. She hasn’t given into the pop-star stereotypes, or caved to the pressure to be anyone other than who she is.

This brave beauty my only be 23, but she’s someone from whom we can all draw inspiration. And truthfully, I think  it’s easier to be who you really are when you’re young. You have fewer responsibilities. Fewer people tugging at you, forcing you to define yourself by their needs.

I truly believe that who you were in your youth is who you are in your heart. But over the years the weight of responsibilities, the disillusionment of dreams unrealized, and the scars of heartbreak in all its forms take their toll on our psyches and spirits.

Not that we don’t gain much wisdom along our life’s journey. Certainly there are things I know now that I wish I’d known at 23. But a big part of living bravely is rediscovering who you really are, and remembering what you knew back then, before the “reality” of life set in.

Yes, today I am inspired by Adele and her courage to be her authentic self. And if six Grammy’s are any indication, it would appear the world recognizes and rewards those brave enough to be true to who they are.

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