Birchbox: February 2012

I’ve been hearing about Birchbox for a while now, and finally decided to give it a try. Monday I received my very first Birchbox. I have to say, I was a *little* disappointed. I had been dreaming of skincare potions and lotions, but that’s not what I received.

What I did receive:

  • Eye Rock Designer Eyeliner: Basically self-adhesive eyeliner tattoos
  • Show Stoppers: Fashion tape in black and nude
  • Viva La Juicy: Juicy Couture’s frangrance
  • Jouer Lip Gloss: In “Birchbox Pink”
  • Glow & Go Travel Puff: A mineral makeup puff in Kissed by the Sun (golden bronze self-tanner)
  • Digital Spotlight Download: Free download of tracks from Green River Ordinance

Despite my initial disappointment, I do look forward to trying out these samples. I’ll write some individual reviews after I have the opportunity to try them out.

On a very positive note — I love the box!  And the wrapping. So much of an offering like Birchbox’s has to do with the experience, and these folks certainly nailed it. The box is of very high quality and the items were packaged very appealingly with several layers of bright pink tissue and cute little cards.

It’s definitely a nice little gift to myself every month, and I look forward to receiving more.

2 thoughts on “Birchbox: February 2012

  1. Ah, this Birchbox is like a leftovers box from the last few months! So weird. I think all of those except for the puff were seen in previous boxes… too bad. I had a pretty good box, although I didn’t like most of the products. The WEI buffing beads were a total hit for me though, so I am satisfied!

    I did my unboxing and review here:

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