Losing It: MyNetDiary Pro App

Since my late 20s, I’ve been struggling with my weight. For the most part, I eat pretty healthily. I tend to eat too much of those healthy foods, however, so end up carrying an unhealthy amount of weight.

Letting myself get overworked is always fatal to my eating habits. And it’s not just the stress. It’s the lack of time to get to the grocery store, buy healthy foods and actually cook something for myself. Inevitably, I end up with an empty fridge and ordering take-out or hitting the drive-through. Ick! I always regret it in the morning.

After four years at a nightmare job, I gained about 35 pounds. That’s a big gain for anyone, but on my small frame, even more hideous. Over the last year of working for myself again, I’d dropped about 10 of those pounds without really trying. Just a natural by-product of a less stressful life.

But earlier this month, spurred by my renewed dedication to leading a more adventurous life and an upcoming beach vacation, I decided it was time to start putting in a concerted effort to getting my weight back to something more reasonable.

I’d love to have the same figure I did in my 20s. But I don’t know if that’s realistic. My body’s not the same as it was back then. My hormones aren’t the same. My life isn’t the same. So while I’d love to look like that again, for the time being, that’s not my goal. For now, I’m taking smaller steps.

So, my current goal has been to lose 13 pounds before my vacation the last week of March. As of two weeks ago, I was half-way to my goal point and a little ahead of schedule. After a grueling two weeks of work, and one strenuous business trip, however, I’ve gained back five of those pounds.  Ugh.  That work-thing gets me every time!

But, nothing I can do except get back on track! So today I’ve once again recommitted and am hoping to lose at least eight pounds by the time of my vacation. I may not quite reach my initial goal, but I’ll still be proud of myself for getting that close.

It may seem odd to some people that I’ve included weight loss in the “Bravery” category of my blog. But the truth is, losing weight does take a lot bravery. It takes the courage to be honest with yourself about your eating and exercise habits. It takes courage and dedication to change, and to let go of the habits you’ve held onto for years. Change is never easy. But change after 40? That may be even harder.  We’ll see!


As I continue on my weight loss journey, I thought I’d share one of my favorite tools:  MyNetDiary Pro app for iPhone.  According to their website, there’s an Android version as well.

This is a great calorie-counter app. It includes a barcode scanner, huge database, and works off-line. The interface is fun, easy to use, and feels very Mac-native (if you’re an Apple fan like I am, you know how important that is!).

One of my favorite things about it is that it’s the only app I’ve found that also helps you track vitamin and mineral intakes, in addition to the standard calories, fat, protein, etc. I’ve always been very concerned about nutrition and fighting disease with diet rather than drugs, so this was the perfect app for me.

I track every single bite I eat, and it makes a huge difference! If you’re like me, the first week will be a little hard. It’s just unbelievable how many calories are in things! But after the first week, you start finding ways to cut back without feeling deprived, simply by being more conscious of what you’re eating. The pounds start coming off with what literally seems like very little effort.  Trust me.  Try it, and I think you’ll be pleased.

And at just $3.99, you don’t have much lose (except the weight).

iPhone Screen Shots

iPhone Screen Shots

iPhone Screen Shots

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