Hump Day Kisses: L’Oreal Infallible Lip Color in Forever Fuschia

There’s something about this time of year that seems just right for bright, bold lips.

Winter is almost at its end and I’m ready for a change from the deeper tones of the season. Full of gray skies, this not-quite-winter/not-quite-spring time of year makes me long for more color. And a bright pop for the lips reflects that hopefulness and joy I feel at the thought of the season to come.

That very longing prompted my impulse purchase of this bright fuchsia lip color, L’Oreal’s Infalliable in Forever Fuschia #138. (Interestingly, they spell “fuchsia” differently—perhaps its in French?)

Normally I select a two-step, long wearing lip color when I go for bold hues, as I’m always afraid I’ll end up with it smeared all over my face. This was my first venture with a single-step color in quite  a few years. It’s an experiment that paid off.

First, the color—gorgeous and radiant. It looks much darker in the tube than it does on your lips. It’s actually a perfect blend of purple and pink, with a slight iridescence that gives it a nice glow. It’s a full-coverage lip color, but somehow manages not to look or feel too heavy.

Second, the wear—it really did last for hours, even through a night of eating and drinking. It does transfer, so expect the little lip prints on your glass (or guy’s cheek), but it doesn’t smudge. And, the color stays true without turning into that weird, stained neon effect that some products do. I did reapply every two hours or so, but only because I like that slick feel of freshly applied color, not because I actually needed to. They claim six hours of wear. I can testify to at least three (I’m not capable of going longer than that without applying something to my lips!).

And most importantly for women in their 40s—it didn’t feather into the fine lines around my mouth at all. It stays perfectly put, and wears to nice satin finish without ever looking dry. It will get a little bit of a “tacky” feel to it after a while, but is still quite comfortable.

On left—makeup mirror light On right—natural, cloudy-day light. In the photo, there's a shadow across my upper lip line that is not actually there.

Some tips on application—because this is a long-wearing and very bold color, precision counts on the first application. I recommend using a lip brush to apply the first coat, and using a pointed-tip cotton swab to clean up any little mistakes.

I didn’t feel the need to use a lip liner with this product, but if you prefer to do so, here’s a tip learned back in my 20s when I wore nothing but bright red lipstick for about six years—apply the lip liner after you’ve applied your lipstick. It creates a very smooth line and automatically cleans up any little inconsistencies in the lipstick application.

With your precision base-coat of color in place, you can then easily reapply as you need to straight from the tube, and even without a mirror, without fear of creating an uneven look (as long as you don’t get too sloppy with it). Of course, one of the things I’ve always loved about L’Oreal lipsticks is the shiny top of the cap that essentially provides a built-in mirror for touch-ups. Was glad to see they kept that packaging approach for this line.

This product is also particularly good if your lips are no longer as full as they used to be. You can easily apply the color slightly beyond your natural lip line to create a fuller effect. Since the color lasts and doesn’t rub off, you won’t get that tell-tale rim around your lips like you do with a traditional liner/lipstick combo (hate that!).

How to wear it—as always, when wearing a bold lip it’s best to keep the rest of your make-up pretty neutral. But this color looks great with a cat-eye black liner for a dramatic effect, and I could even see it working really well with some subtle navies or clear blues for when you really want to have some fun.

While I always think bold lips look particularly sophisticated with all-black or monochromatic clothing, in this particular case I was in the mood for a bit of playfulness and paired the fuchsia lips with the cobalt jeans outfit I featured in an earlier post.

Although sometimes I can be a bit color-shy when it comes to my lips these days (they’re no longer one of my favorite features), in this combo I felt both confident and flirtatious!

L’Oreal Infallible Lipstick in #138 Forever Fuschia, $9.99, available at CVS Pharmacy

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