Mani Pretty: Shellac Cocoa & Strawberry Smoothie

My favorite day of the week for a mani/pedi is Thursday. Sneaking away from work for a few hours to indulge feels slightly sinful and makes the weekend seem just that much closer. And that “I feel pretty” feeling always gives me the motivation I need to get out of the house and make the most of those two luxurious days away from my desk.

Although I actually really enjoy doing my nails myself, after a week at the beach, followed by several weeks of severe neglect while I caught up on work, this was definitely the time to bring in the pros.

The damage done meant that I needed to go slightly shorter than normal. So, I decided to opt for a clean, fresh nude that would look sophisticated while making the most of what’s left of my post-vacation tan.  Combining CND Shellac’s Cocoa and Strawberry Smoothie turned out to be the perfect shade I was hoping for.

I’ve already professed my undying love for Shellac’s ability to fill in the impossibly deep ridges of my natural nails. The one drawback to the line, however, is the fairly limited color selections. This slight downside, however, is easily overcome by layering Shellac colors over one another. And the Cocoa / Strawberry Smoothie combo is a perfect example of just how diverse the line can really be.

Neither of these colors are ones I would ever wear on their own, but put them together and they create a gorgeous, shimmering, golden-pink nude that really flatters without that 1980’s frosted look.

If you aren’t familiar with the multitude of shades that can be created by layering Shellac colors, check out Fingernail Fixer’s Facebook page dedicated to Shellac color combos.  You’ll be amazed at the endless variety you can create.

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