Summer Essentials Series: DERMAdoctor’s Total Nonscents

Summer came a little early for me this year, thanks to a wonderful week spent on the beaches of Mexico. Now that I’m back home, I’m finding myself looking forward to summer even more than I usually do.

So, thought I’d channel this extra enthusiasm into a special Summer Essentials series. These are my favorite products I’ve turned to year after year. I’m sure I will (as always) find new favorites to add as the season gets into full-swing, but rest assured these are all products I’ve tried, tested and can’t imagine going without!

The first of my favorites? DERMAdoctor’s Total Nonscents brightening antiperspirant.

Three years ago, I just happened to catch a glimpse of my underarms in the mirror while getting dressed. I was horrified to see this dark, grayish tinge under both my arms. I thought about how often I wear tank-tops and sleeveless-everything, and seeing that dark haze really disturbed me.  I felt very self-conscious about it. It’s just not pretty.

I’ve yet to figure out what causes this discoloration to begin with, but thankfully I did find something to eliminate it. This stuff really works! The effect isn’t immediate — according to the package it can take six to twelve months to see full results — but by the time I’ve finished one bottle I see a significant difference.

Ever since, every late February or early March I switch from my regular, eco-friendly deodorant to this fabulous antiperspirant.

It has no fragrance that I can detect and does not irritate my skin, even right after shaving.

Slightly wet when applied

The roll-on formula does take a little getting used to if you normally use the stick varieties, as I do. A few user reviews on felt like it was too sticky and wet. While it does go on rather wet, I feel like it dries in just a few minutes.

And I personally would rather wait a minute or two for this formula to dry than live with the embarrassing discoloration under my arms. Especially during the bikini season!

DERMAdoctor Total Nonscents

3 oz / $23 at Sephora or $20 at DERMAdoctor

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