Some of my earliest memories are of sunbathing in the backyard with my mother, reading Vogue together. I couldn’t have been more than about four, but I can still see us turning those glossy pages, oohing and ahhing over the gorgeous gowns, outrageous pantsuits and over-the-top makeup. It was pure fantasy, and I loved it—even then.

We didn’t have a lot of money while I was growing up, so the couture fashions I longed for would never be mine. But the makeup—now that was different. Makeup I could afford and it became my finger paint. My face was the canvas on which I could portray any mood and tell any story. All the colors, all the possibilities—I loved exploring, experimenting and creating something new.

And I still do.

Forty-someodd years later, I still have subscriptions to virtually every fashion magazine published and stroll through the glossy pages with the same exuberance I did at age four. I’ve been known to spend more than the occasional Saturday night at my dressing table playing with my multitude of shadows, liners and lipsticks. And for every big party, whether it’s a formal occasion or a Halloween bash, inevitably at least two of my girlfriends will ask me to do their makeup for them. I always gleefully comply.

When it comes to makeup and beauty products, I am a confessed addict. It seems I can’t go a single week without picking up something new. And thinking about the money I spend on such “frivolous” things is too frightening to ponder.

I admit that when I first turned 40, I did take hard look at my beauty addiction. Is it really worth all the money? Shouldn’t I just settle into a look I know works well and stick with that? Isn’t it time to simplify? Well, try as I did, I just couldn’t do it. I love it too much. And I finally decided that it’s not worth denying myself something that gives me so much pleasure.

But as much as I love playing with makeup and beauty products, the truth is things are just different for us women of a certain age. When it comes to makeup, what looks hip and cool in your 20s can look ridiculous in your 40s. Looking as if you’re trying to hard will age you faster a tanning bed. And these days, I need beauty products with more muscle. They have a job to do, and I need them to do it well.

I’m pickier than I used to be. And I’m sure you are as well.

So through this blog, I hope you’ll benefit from my beauty addiction—from the countless hours (and dollars) I’ve spent perusing magazines, experimenting with new looks and testing out the latest wonder creams.

A little about what you’ll find:

  • Tried & Tested: First-hand reviews and verdicts on the products I’ve tested myself.
    • Good & Cheap: My favorite drugstore buys.
    •  Sensitive: Products I’ve tagged as being great for sensitive skin. Sadly, I’ve developed a number of allergies, so I’m constantly looking for effective, yet non-irritating solutions.
    • Splurgeworthy:  Yes they’re expensive. And worth every dime!
    • Never Again: Products that didn’t live up to my expectations.
  • On My List: Products I’ve read about on blogs or in magazines. These are my “wish list” items I hope to try in the future.
  • Tips & Tricks: I’ve learned a few over the years—here’s where I’ll share them.

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